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Through the direction of her spiritual advisor Fr. David, Jennifer was asked to put these out on the website to share with the world. This is a special release of messages.

Please note that Jennifer's former spiritual advisor Fr. Joe passed away last summer and she is now being advised by Fr. David.

2020 Messages

6:30AM (Palm Sunday)

My child, the earth will begin to take back that which has been repulsed against it, which is the wicked hearts of mankind that have rebelled against its Creator. I am a God of order, the first, the last; the beginning and the end. It begins with Me and ends with Me, for it is up to the free will of men if they choose to spend their time on earth fulfilling the will of the Heavenly Father for anything outside of that is irrelevant in the eyes of eternity.


My child, I am the true physician and healer of all souls, yet I am the only physician not being permitted to tend to My patients.


My child, when you see the farmers open up their fields to help tend to the sick, know that the time of this pandemic is nearing the end. When you witness My people fall to the knees by the millions seeking reparation for their wicked ways, know that My time is coming to bring a great blessing upon humanity. I tell you this, My chosen sons who find that they are in time of restful prayer because My churches have been silenced prepare to feed your sheep because they are starving. This is a time of awakening. A time to truly turn back to God and seek My mercy for the tears of My little ones have reached heavens gates and those tears have now turned into drops of blood falling upon the earth. I have told you before that every corner of the earth will be awakened and the sounds of trumpets are beginning to blare upon a world that is going to turn back to its Creator. For I am Jesus and My mercy and justice will prevail.


When you see the Monstrance raised in the square of St. Peters know that this virus will soon end. For the rays of My love will pour forth upon a world that has lost all hope.


My child, the stones of the earth will begin to tremble, and many will fall to their knees upon these rocks. The shaking will go on for some time and will appear to never cease. Many will cry out in pleas because they will see the time that they have wasted. I tell you this, that I am calling all My prophets of today to be the John the Baptist, the Jeremiah, the Elijah in a world that has so gravely turned away from My Commandments. Assist your shepherds because they cannot do this work alone in spreading the truth. Do not waste your time on those who are deaf to the truth and live by their own truths for their hour will come. Be firm in your faith and stand for justice and do not cowardly turn away out of fear, for it is better for you to fear the Lord your God than your neighbor who is living in the ways of the world. Stand up for the truth, for I am the truth, for I am Jesus. The waters will come, as the shaking begins on one coast and infiltrates to another for nature is preparing itself for a war against humanity. Humanity has not taken heed and many, many, many will be caught off guard. The sun will not appear, and barren lands will come because you cannot harvest what you did not take the time to plant. Take heed for the hour has come for I am Jesus and My Mercy and justice will prevail.


My Child, This is the time, the hour when My greatest Commandment will be tested in the hearts of My people.


My Child, remember that at the end of the storm the sun will always shine


My Child, it is a time of prayer and silence for a great unraveling will soon spread throughout the world and everyone will be tested, even the Holy Father.






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